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HPL 6 Space Light with Accessories

$2,990.00 $1,500.00

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Product Description

This slightly used HPL 6 Space Light Package comes with ALL Accessories; ready to use for your next shoot. It will include the Head, Bulbs, 2 Lens Sets, Silk Skirt, Silk Target, Duvatine Skirt, and Accessory Bag.

This is a GREAT DEAL, the list price on this system new is around $5,000.

Price is for one unit, multiples can be ordered at checkout. Actual product may vary from pictured product.  For international or freight shipping, please call (818) 768-5924 to arrange shipping

The HPL 6 Space Light outperforms existing par lights by using 575 watt or 750 watt bulbs along with our high output parabolic reflector and 8″ interchangeable lenses. This means quality and flexible lighting, reduced power and heat, and no more boxes of old expensive style par 64 bulbs. Now you are truly free to move about the country and shoot. The parabolic reflector creates a much smoother field of light with any of our six lenses. The axial mounted bulb in conjunction with the parabolic reflector eliminates inconsistent hot spots and shadows associated with standard par 64 bulbs. You have more output to work with because you don’t need to use diffusion. Remember the key is to amplify, only diffuse when absolutely necessary.


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