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4 Ft Hollywood Lights LED Tube

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Product Description

Our 19 watt LED tubes feature a brand new patented technology (CoLH on-board heat sink) that eliminates the heat challenge that current LED technology faces. Since we run at 66°, we’re able to get 30% more output to the LED, while gaining 30% more energy efficiency than any LED on the market. Our LED’s are 100% dimmable and will work with any smart system, and they work in any standard fluorescent fixture with a simple disconnect of the ballast…an 8 minute process that I made a how-to video for that you can find on our website.
*Note that to be title 24 compliant after July 2014, removing the ballast will be required…which is easily done by removing the 2 screws that hold it in.

Also, since we started in the movie business in 1926, we’ve learned how important color correctness is. Our color temperatures are beautiful with no green at all. Our CRI is 93 and our almost 120 lumens per watt is off the chart! (our 19 watt tube is 2,600 lumens).

AND they are built to last!! Again, coming from the movie business, our lights have to be built to take severe abuse. No other company has this demand on their product. Consequently, the LED tubes and high bay lights available from other companies are usually built to minimum standard necessary to get by. The motion picture industry needs lights that can be moved around constantly, and have to perform with beautiful color under all kinds of adverse environments. Now, that care in craftsmanship is available to the commercial lighting industry through Hollywood Lights LED.

Affordable • Brighter • Dimmable • Energy / Cost Efficient • Flicker-Free • Noise-Free • Long-lasting (92,000 hours) • 100% Recyclable • 3 Year Unlimited Warranty
Available Temperatures: Cool White – 4300 Kelvin.


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